Philippines President Duterte Says His Soldiers Can Rape During Martial Law

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Source: Philippines President Duterte Says His Soldiers Can Rape During Martial Law


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I see the world for what it is and what it has grown to become, Chaotic! This Chaos theory which generally defines the forever- changing complex systems of a paradigm. And it is in this state that we tend to live by assumptions, concepts, values, perceptions and practices that constitutes…nothing more than what life should and should not be. However, it doesn't matter how we choose; since we all seek to experience the simplest inalienable right of joy. The same simple gift that was granted at birth; we tend to seek through relationships, religion and material objects. - Just live ! In order to rule your life, you must first conquer your fears which exist in the present. Then live with your imagination while moving forward. To do this you must compartmentalize the issues and challenges you face each day. You must know your weakness and work to cope with them so you don't fail under the pressures you will encounter due to them. Lastly, have faith and never forget where you are coming from because only then with the guidance of God, will you discover where you are going.

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