My Jamaican Vacation

After years of being too busy to visit “the land of my birth”, I finally set foot upon the Jamaican soil two weeks ago (Erick Donaldson). I was surprised to see the island buzzing with life and was happy to be among my country men, enjoying the sunshine. I started to realize how much I had missed my birth land and instantly begun to consider moving there.  I visited Westmoreland and was very relaxed in the country setting and was able to enjoy the food by the roadside vendors while traveling. My visit ti the island did aroused a special love within my heart. I met and spoke to great people, that showed me that life (Island Life) was very great and fun to live.

I visited Hope Gardens but never got the chance to visit Castleton Gardens, which was on my bucket list. I got fish from Hellshire but never went to the beach to take a dip. I went downtown kingston but never got a chance to visit the local museum which I wanted to visit. I am already planning my next trip.


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