Tell The Public The Full Truth About Goat Islands

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Here is a letter from the Jamaica Environment Trust in response to media reports (which I commented on last Wednesday in this blog) related to a visit to Little Goat Island (only) led by Dr. Fritz Pinnock, who heads the Caribbean Maritime Institute. Below I have also posted a few photographs, to remind you of how beautiful and unspoiled the islands are.

By the way, I wrote about eco-tourism following our visit to Goat Islands last September. Our short-sighted politicians only see smoking coal chimneys and environmental destruction as “progress” and “development.” There ARE other ways. Costa Rica earned well over US$2.5 billion from eco-tourism in 2012.


Dear Editor,

The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) wishes to clarify statements made recently in the Jamaica Observer and The Gleaner following a boat tour arranged by the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce along with Caribbean Maritime Institute on Sunday, June 8, 2014.


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