Washed clean for a journey

Washed clean for a journey

This morning (Sunday 1/12/2014) I arose to the rays of golden sunlight piercing my eyelids. I made breakfast and headed out to church; my first attendance since the new year. Unknowingly, I was also in attendance of the christening of a baby boy. Prior to the child and his parents standing in-front of the church the Pastor read the following passage:
Matthew 3:13-17; The Baptism of Jesus

Then he proceeded to bless the water. As they stood there and watched him sprinkle the little boy with this now holy water, his mother looked on with a proud grind from ear to ear. How proud she must have felt, I thought to myself. Overjoyed, knowing that her son has finally got his blessing from the Lord.

After the christening the pastor then went on to talk about how there were so many tragic lost in the town in this past summer of 2013. He spoke of how he presided over two funerals where the deceased were just 21 and 22 years old and died of Heroin overdose. Why would he be celebrating (christening) a new life and then at the same time discussing death. Later on, I thought to myself here is a child who is so innocent and has no idea what the world has in store for him. It could be good, bad or indifference; who knows, However, by the look on his parents face as they stood there holding him in front of the congregation; you know they would not let him fail in life. At least, not without a fight. They had that sense of assurance that it will all be OK. Everything will work out.

And then I thought to myself, is this why Jesus went to see John? So the doors of heaven could be opened to him and the angels could descend upon him; for him to be blessed? To be blessed because he knows that he will have to fight for the rest of the time he would be on this earth. Maybe the Lord is teaching us that we need will power to persevere after birth (the selected few that has survived) because after all we will face countless trials. Trials such as personal growth, career choices-college, choosing a partner, where to live or even battling health issues. Essentially, while facing constant trials in our lives we still have to live.

Maybe, we should look at his experience as a preparation for his life journey. In every faith or religion when one commit they perform some form of act that transcends them into a new life. As if they are washed clean and are now pure to be received by the new commitment which they have made. In the past this had never crossed my mind. I now take note of the fact that we were all baptized-at least most of us, and with that we are protected and covered with Gods love and companionship along the road of life. So in everything we do, we should put Christ in the mix. When you rise to a new day, thank him, when you start a new job thank him, when you finished a meal thank him etc.

Be grateful for every obstacle that you have over came, because he was there with you to let you grow through that experience. Be thankful for all your successes because that means that he has blessed you and is continually doing so. When you trip get up quickly and continue on because some of us may have tripped yester-year and didn’t live to continue on. Live the days that he has allowed you to experience as if it’s your last. When others try to spoil it, twist their actions with calmness and a smile. Because now you know that to know that there is always better days ahead. There is endless hope and happiness because your parents took the time to ensure that you were blessed against all obstacle that you may face in this journey called life. So hold your head high, keep God in your heart and be proud to know that you were prepared to walk through life with a great and invincible companion.


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