Being grateful…………………….giving Thanks everyday!

This year I have quite a lot to be grateful for. This year as been quite a journey for me both emotional and physical. Earlier this year I had a spinal surgery and was left helpless and at the mercy of those who care and loved me. during my surgery I had some serious complications and ended up on ICU and was on life support for three days.

There is no need to state how much this experience have changed my life and my thought process. I have dug-ed deep within myself to restore a higher level of consciousness and is now reaching out to restore my dreams and goals. I have also planned on spending more time with my son; in hopes to strengthen our kinship bond. I have also decided to began living my life once more and put work a little more on the back burner. I have learned that when you have others that value you “family”; you should always do your best to show them how much you care as well.



2 Replies to “Being grateful…………………….giving Thanks everyday!”

  1. My goodness. I had no idea you had been through all this… Yes, such an experience would certainly force you to re-evaluate your life and decide on what the REAL priorities are. Good that you will spend more time with your son. That could never be wasted time. And in the scheme of things, work is NOT that important. Some perspective! I hope that you are feeling fine and healed now.

    1. Thank you so much Ms Emma. You just made my day ! 🙂 It was through these tough times I discovered your blog and Kate’s as well they have kept me busy. I have enjoyed you guys contributions to the internet and I am sure I am not the only one.

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