Millions unspent

A honest Gov’t does exist after all. For the people.

Jamaican Journal

According to the Ottawa Citizen, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development left $300 million unspent last fiscal year. Unspent budgets are normal for the federal government; a sum of $300 million is not. It represents 10 per cent of the former Canadian International Development Agency’s budget last year. In 2011, only $25 million was unspent and the previous year, a mere $2 million.

This money had been earmarked for aid and development programs abroad and is on top of a prior $377 million cut to the country’s aid budget.

When I was a reporter, I pored over the government’s spending estimates and public accounts, both of which spell out how much the government intended to spend and how much it actually spent. Unspent funds are relatively normal, just not to this extent.

Critics from development groups immediately jumped to the most cynical conclusion: the government is further…

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