Mall shooting in New Jersey


Last night as I was getting ready for bed my aunt called and told me to turn to Channel 7 news, which I did immediately. To my surprise the reporter was covering a story at the very mall that I had intended to go with my son earlier on in the day. However, we choose to go to the Montclair public library and do home work instead. Maybe it was faith that we decided not to hangout at the mall as we often do when I get him from school.

I was just shocking. In my home state of New Jersey; a mall shooting. How could this be I wondered to myself. I have been to Garden State Plaza mall on countless occasions to shop or watch a movie at the indoor cinema attached to the mall and even ate at the restaurants in the mall -Legal Seafood & Chilis. I just never say this coming. I doubt anyone else did. Over the past few years I have been hearing more and more about mall shooting; even the recent events in Kenya, where the military had to move in and was involved in an intense stand off with the Terrorist for days. I also remember driving home last year only to hear that two towns over from me in New Town Connecticut, a young man entered the school he once attended and assassinated the students and teachers that were present.

I am sitting her having my coffee at Panera thinking, what is going on in this world? Lord where did we go wrong as a nation, as a generation that consider ourselves to be in a developed country. Why are our kids and young adults turning to the guns and more so public places to display their grieve and sorrow? Isn’t there anyone to listen at home before it gets to the boiling point. Prior to the cover blowing off their pot or the Volcano erupting. Are the teacher’s not  paying attention, or their primary physicians not seeing the signs of depressions; or are they just writing medications from the pharmaceutical labs just to both make money and meet quotas? Where are the therapist to intervene and spot the tell tale signs of these silent time bombs calling for help?

I feel as if our society is falling us all as citizens. While the NRA and other gun makers makes billions in profits each year with the assistance of their Lobbyist  and special interest groups in Washington that lines the pockets of these Politicians. Yes, the same government officials we gave our votes in confidence to go to the capital and make sensible and intelligent choices on our behalves; I now start to question the fact of why do I vote? Should I even bother to try and change America for my child; the future generation. As Marvin Gaye once echo in his soulful tune “What’s going on?”.


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