“Where ever you go for the rest of your life; it stays with you.” – Earnest Hemingway

Go about your daily life with with enthusiasm and joy. Think of how special you are to be alive and to have your health. Pray that you may see many more days on this earth so that you may explore or resurrect you Bucket list if, there was ever any; create one if you don’t have one. Set goals and only pray for Gods help to reach the ones that requires a miracle, the others you can work hard to achieve. Give away mutual respect as you do smiles; it will leave you feeling fulfilled; even if you disagree with others. Pray in silence, see the Lord as the shadow that walks with you each day – since he is always there to guide you even when you are not looking. Call on him when you begin your day and when you end it and turn in to rest. Honor your holistic values and know that life is not about you but you are part of a bigger chain of events. So watch a bird fly, smell a flower, watch a deer graze, listen to water flow, watch the clouds drift across the sky and feel all the element (wind – on you face; water- on your skin ,earth – grains of sand between you toes & fire – the warmth of the seasons ) with you skin.

“Where ever you go for the rest of your life; it stays with you.” – Earnest Hemingway

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