The year in Review

The year in Review

I thought about some of the things this year had tossed my way, and have decided to give the New Year a better shot.

  • I would like to get closer to the Lord thy God.
  • Fill me son with all of my love and care.
  • Connect with others which I have lost.
  • Offer solace and a listening ear to other unselfishly (just one ear to strangers).
  • Read the Bible as I would a novel but with deeper concentration. 
  • Make more gourmet meals; just to taste the flavors of my hand and heart.
  • Walk more on the weekend and not just on my lunch break.
  • Maintain a good weight.
  • Control my inner spirituality by synchronizing with nature – slowing down a bit.
  • Take a road trip – haven’t in years.
  • Release some of my introvert characteristics.
  • Try to leave a smaller carbon footprint on the earth; it’s our job a ease global warming.
  • Visit my homeland. 
  • Learn to meditate more in a secluded setting.

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